3D Artist & Animator

Virtual Realms
Job Description

Our team is looking for a talented and driven 3D artist and animator to work on innovative software engineering and game development projects in and out of VR/AR.

Work Activities:

* Work closely with a small development team to support developers while meeting deadlines and time constraints

* Create, texture, rig, and animate models affecting an appropriate level of detail and performance impact

* Collaborate with the development team and project managers to develop and implement new assets according to proposed content


* Portfolio of previous 3D art and animation

* Previous experience integrating 3D art and animation into Unity 3D

* Sophomore level Collegiate standing in a degree for a related field or 1 year prior work experience

Required Skills:

* Ability to create assets ready for integration into Unity 3D (modeling, uv mapping, texturing, rigging, animating, and using shaders)

* Experience with CAD, Blender, Maya, or another 3D modeling solution

* Ability to use new software solutions and technologies

Desired Skills:

* Experience developing assets and integrating them with Unity 3D projects

* Exceptional knowledge of Blender and high polygon/low polygon modeling techniques

* Exceptional knowledge of Substance Painter and/or Photoshop, and realistic/stylized texturing techniques

* A cool demeanor and ability to communicate effectively with team members in a relaxed environment : )

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